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Q? How do I determine the size of my lettering?
A! The size of your vinyl lettering depends on several factors such as the space available, the number of letters
in the name, and font style used. To get the best possible fit, we suggest you measure the height and width of the area where the lettering will go and determine what size would look appropriate within that area. Here are some guidelines to help you achieve the maximum impact for your lettering:


The total height of your lettering is measured from the top of the tallest letter to the bottom of the lowest letter (including descending characters like g, y or j), plus any outline or shadow. To see an example click here. Also, keep in mind that the further away you get from the boat the smaller the lettering will appear. For maximum visibility, we suggest you get the largest lettering that will fit within the space available on your boat. 


This is the maximum length the boat name can be. Please note: we do not stretch the name to the maximum length specified, however, we may condense it slightly if the actual length of the name exceeds the length you specify.

Transom: measure the available width and subtract at least 2 inches (1 inch on either side).

Sides: The average length for the sides of most boats 25' and under is between 36 and 60 inches. Boats larger than 25' can be longer. NOTE: The maximum length we can provide in one piece is 100 inches.

We will be happy to assist you in determining the best size for your lettering. Call us at 407-522-1447.

Q? When will I receive my lettering?
A! Orders are processed in the order they are received and shipped within 7 business days of the order date via USPS Priority Mail. On average, you should receive your lettering within 10 days or less, depending on our workload at the time you placed you order. Upon request, we can ship a few days ahead of schedule to try and meet a deadline.

If you need guaranteed delivery by a specific date, we recommend using an expedited service like FedEx. (During peak season (March thru July), we may require a 'rush charge' to put your order at the front of the line and complete within a day or two.) For information about rush delivery options click here.

Q? Is the lettering easy to install?
A! Yes. All boat names are pre-spaced on a single sheet and come complete with step-by-step application instructions plus a squeegee to help you achieve professional results. Many clients tell us that our instructions made the installation easier than they expected.

Q? Is your online order form secure?
A! Absolutely. Keeping your information confidential and secure is one of our top priorities. All order information is transmitted directly to a financial institution and protected using state-of-the-art 256 bit SSL encryption technology. Our online ordering system has been approved by all major credit card companies. Click here to view our security policy.

Q? Do you offer a warranty on your vinyl lettering?
A! Yes. We use the highest quality, marine-grade vinyl manufactured by 3M. When properly cared for, we guarantee your lettering will not crack, peel or fade for 8 years* or we will replace it free of charge.

*Metallic and printed vinyls are warranted for 5 years.

Q? What is your return / cancellation policy?
A! Return Policy: All lettering is custom made and returns are not accepted. If an error is made on our part we will promptly send a replacement at no charge.

Cancellation Policy: Cancelled orders will be charged for any portion that has already been completed.

Click here to view further details of our policies.

Q? Can you make lettering in an arch or other effect?
A! Yes. We can make lettering in an arch, wave or other effect. We also offer genuine 22k Gold Leaf and full-color printed lettering. Contact us for more information.

Q? Can you create a custom design?
A! We offer limited design services. Contact us fto discuss your idea.


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